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The Great Courses: A treasure trove of knowledge one click away!

This September my kids and I went back to school.  Only I get to show up whenever the spirit moves me, and sometimes even in jammies late at night.  I don’t have any grades or tests, and no make-work projects due.  I get to choose whichever courses and teachers most interest me (and there are many,) and can even work out on my elliptical machine simultaneously.  A mind and body workout: it’s a great combination!

My husband introduced me to The Great Courses, and it has been love at first listen.  (FYI:  I have no affiliation with them, nor am I being paid in any way for praise of this great invention. Hah! I wish!)  Courses are taught by  university professors who can actually teach, and obviously who have expertise in their field.  The selection of subjects range from history, sciences, math, philosophy, music, art, economics, and even nutrition (to name a few.)  Each lecture in a course is either 30 or 45 minutes long, and the number of lectures varies according to the course.  The best part:  Courses can be easily uploaded to your ipod, and some are available on video download or DVD.

So far, I have listened to a a few of Professor Greenberg’s courses on music.  He’s an inspiring and entertaining lecturer, and I learned a lot.  I also completed a course on Roman history, but it didn’t leave me with the lasting impression I had from Greenberg. Today I started a course on “Why Evil Exists.”  So far so good.  The introduction even has some creepy music to boot!

GREAT COURSES PROS:  - You will learn from some of the best professors in their fields at your own pace, and from the comfort of your own chosen location.

GREAT COURSES CONS:  - It can be pricey.  The audio download price ranges from about $130-200.

MONEY-SAVING TIP:  Sales of up to 70% happen frequently, so it’s worth waiting for the course you want to come down in price.

VISIT:  www.thegreatcourses.com


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