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Hunger Games: They’ve read the book, but can they handle the movie?

Like many tweens, my daughter devoured The Hunger Games trilogy.  Twice, maybe three times.   When the movie was released, she couldn’t wait to see every scene and character acted out on the big screen.  Today, we saw the film together.  Many of her friends had already seen the movie, so she was getting desperate.   While I’m glad we were not the last people on the planet to see the movie, I can’t say it was a great experience from my perspective.

I read “The Hunger Games.”  The book contains bloody scenes of children killing each other in various gory ways, and some traumatic events.  Now, it’s one thing to imagine these scenes in one’s head while reading.  It’s quite another to watch these scenes come to life on a gigantic screen.   Half the time my daughter had her eyes or ears covered.  She couldn’t  watch the slaughter of kids by swords, Tracker Jackers, and mutts.  The kids’ screams were hard to take.

To the movie’s credit, it was very faithful to the book.  The actors and staging were all excellent, and very “real.”  If you have read the book, think carefully about what that means and whether your child is really ready to see this book come to life.

I would be curious to hear your take on The Hunger Games movie for kids.




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