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Christmas Lectures direct from London! (No, they are not about Christmas.) Curious? Hint: World-famous scientists, kids, internet, awesomeness.

I know this makes me sound so old , but wonders of our internet-age never cease to amaze me.  Once upon a time, only  children living in London could attend lectures given by the world’s top scientists for children.

Started by Michael Faraday in 1825, “The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures” have continued annually ever since, educating children on a variety of science topics.  Thanks to re-digitized footage from the RI archive, now kids around the world can watch great lectures given from before they were even born.

I particularly enjoyed Dame Nancy Rothwell’s (Professor of Physiology) lecture “Sense and Sensitivity,” in which she explains how our senses are crucial to our survival.  Guests during the hour include a monkey, a dog, an engineer,  an Olympic champion, and more. Kids in the audience  appear engaged by her dynamic speaking and hands-on demonstrations, and likely your kids will be engaged watching at home too.

As an aside, it’s great to have a world- famous woman scientist talking to kids.  What a great role-model for girls and young women.

“Sense and Sensitivity” is part of a series by  Dame Rothwell, called, “Staying Alive: The Body in Balance.” Each lecture is one hour long.  This is way too long for some kids, but is remedied by the beauty of our internet-age: The pause and fast-forward buttons!  No need to sit through the entire hour-lecture in one sitting.

Visit the RI website to select from a multitude of fascinating topics from Christmas lecturers past and present.

Isn’t the internet an amazing place?



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