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PROJECT #1: Bribe the kids to love great books

I have been throwing READING PARTIES for my three kids for years.  The party consists of high quality poems and stories (chosen by me), and a few chosen by the kids.  The key to the party’s success is the POPCORN.  As long as there is popcorn left to munch, the kids are my captive audience.  They’ve listened to Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare, Edward Lear, Munro Leaf, and other faves.  I view it as an opportunity for them to be fed, physically and intellectually.  We snuggle up on the couch, and away we go.

Recently, choosing pieces that appeal to the ages of 5,8,10 at once has been  a bit of a challenge.  That gives me an idea for a future blog!


Bribery in moderation?

I’d love to hear whether you have tried this out, and what you think.



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