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Relive your childhood: Disney’s Read-Along Adventures are back!

Remember the days before DVDs and VHS players?  The only way to watch your favourite movie again was to go to the cinema. Or, you could follow along in a book as you listened to a reenactment from “Read Along Adventures.”

Disneyland Records produced many well-loved classics, from The Love Bug to Star Wars to Peter Pan to ET.   Hours were spent transfixed in front of a scratchy old record player or clunky cassette player, as my siblings and I followed along with the books.

I had kind of forgotten about the Read Along Adventures, until I came across this website and all the memories rushed back.  Maybe nostalgia is clouding my judgment, but to me the quality of narration and accompanying music was excellent. I can’t wait to try this on my kids!

Select from the list of audio books to download on your MAC or PC.  Looks like this collection is someone’s labour of love, and is a work in progress.  I don’t know who are you, but thank you!  :)

 Have you ever come across something from your childhood you couldn’t wait to share with your kids? 


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