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Surviving June: What to do with the mountain of papers and binders headed your way.

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We’re officially into the last few days of school, so naturally my house is buried in mountains of papers and binders.  It feels like teachers’ revenge:  Hah!  We’ve had to put up with your kids’ mess all year, so now we’re sending it all home to you.  Have a great summer.  Hahahahaha!

The binders never have the cute projects that show your child’s personality.


Of course, there’s always the one important life-changing project that’s somewhere between the 500 pages of worksheets and pop quizes.  WHERE  IS IT?

You would think I would just reuse the binder for next school year.  I can’t say for sure why this never works out.

So, when my daughter in grade six brought home a GARBAGE BAG! full of papers and binders, I threw my hands up in the air and put her to work.  This is what emerged:


She came up with the idea of using the binders for summer projects. She even wrapped the binders in paper and decorated them as covers.

She also made new labels for the dividers so each project would have its place.

Hahahaha, I hear the teachers laughing. “Let’s see if she actually keeps all her projects in the binder, and  whether she even gets around to using it.”

I will say this:  The school papers are gone.  My daughter is excited about getting to her personal projects, and having a place all her own to collect them. These are all good things, and have saved me a lot of headache. I like that my daughter took ownership of what was worth keeping, and that she repurposed the binder for the summer.  I can also envision other kids using the binders as scrapbooks, photo albums, journals.

Perhaps the teachers will have the last laugh after all.  My daughter has now constructed a summer locker out of a box.


I guess I can’t help but be proud and optimistic :)

What do you do with all the stuff kids bring home at the end of the year? Please share your tips!



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