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Love word games? You and the kids will flip out over “Letter Flip.”

from BrightKidsWorld

I have an addiction to word games, so I get more than slightly excited when I find one for the family.  “Letter Flip” levels out the playing field between me and the kids, so my words are more difficult than theirs. Nobody gets bored, and everyone has a chance of winning. “Letter Flip” builds spelling and literacy skills for the kids and is SO MUCH FUN!  We can’t stop playing.

“Letter Flip” is similar to the classic game “Guess Who,” but with words.  Like “Guess Who” it’s a 2-player game, but instead of faces there are letters that flip. Each player has a hidden card containing 3-4-5-6 letter words.   Using powers of reason and a little luck, players have to guess which words are hidden in the card.

5 highlights of “Letter Flip”

1) Blue cards for harder words, yellow for easier.  Kids and adults can play together.

2) Play anytime, anywhere.  No board or pieces required.

3) Skills: Logic, literacy, spelling, visualization.

4) Quick: A full game takes around 30 minutes.

5) Ages: 9 and up. (I played the 3 and 4 letter words with my 6 year old, so the game is easily adaptable.)

Here’s an Out of the Box video promotion of their game:

NOTE TO CANADIANS ON SHIPPING:  I can’t find a Canadian company that stocks LetterFlip, as it is fairly new.  Bright Kids World will ship to Canada. Check details for shipping rates.  The game is priced at $13.41.




  1. PragmaticMom says:

    This looks great and easier to form words than Scrabble.

  2. Francesco Waeyaert says:

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