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When Mom goes back to school: 5 things I learned about life.

Kids weren’t the only ones in my house who went back to school this September.  I didn’t get a new backpack or a new pair of jeans (yet), but I did get the first-day jitters.

Going back to school at – well, let’s just say a “Mom” age – gives you some unexpected perspectives on life.

1- I’m really old.  Not old outside campus, but on campus I’m a dinosaur. I’m old enough to be these students’ parent, and sometimes I think these kids are looking at me that way.

2- Kids have a lot of time to study. I don’t.  Students are always complaining about deadlines.  They don’t have kids, a spouse, and a lot of them don’t have real jobs.  Enough said.

3- My brain is getting dumber.  See #1.

4- Sitting in a one-hour lecture seems like forever. How do my kids do this? I’m a doodling machine.

5- I’m so happy to be at my stage in life: Married, with kids, my work, my studies, and my car!  (See #1-4)


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