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Perfect fall activity: Rock hounding

Fall is my favourite season.  Warm colours are all around us, and there’s nothing like a walk in the crisp autumn air. Here in Alberta autumn tends to be brief,  so all the more reason to savour the season by getting outside with our kids.  Plus, there’s no better teacher than nature herself.

A few days ago, we went on an unplanned “rock hounding” trip. Walking through paths collecting leaves, my kids began picking up rocks of various shades and shapes.  We live near a reservoir, so we went down to the water where the kids spent about an hour collecting all kinds of rocks.  They look quite pretty in water, don’t you think?


Naturally, they were curious to identify the differences between the rocks they had collected.  I found this neat website that helped us classify the rocks into metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous. Kids also had fun playing the “Who Am I Rock Game.”

Finally, we found this beautiful book at the library from Eyewitness Books.

So colourful, informative, and even has a clip-art CD.  My kids were instantly taken, and I have to admit, I’m interested too!


Learning doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Get outside, enjoy the beauty of the season, and let mother nature inspire curiosity.


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