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Opera for kids? Si si! Thanks to Cowtown Opera.

Last week, my kids sat through an entire opera production of Hansel and Gretel. They loved it – for real. It helped that they sat on a mat with other kids right at the front, and munched on popcorn while they watched. On our way out, the kids were handed some delicious cookies and cake pops.

Introducing kids to music and theatre early on can be very stimulating. (Of course, you don’t want to drag them to a three hour production in a fancy opera hall!) I’ve noticed that more artistic companies are including family-friendly programming.  Very smart, because those entertained kids are potential future patrons.

Here in Calgary, we are fortunate to have Cowtown Opera.  This feisty troupe is all about making opera accessible to every day people, even kids. Using humour, great acting, and some munchies,  the singers create a laid-back feel to the production. The home-spun atmosphere of the cozy venue and accompanying piano certainly don’t detract from the quality performances. Great voices, great music, and a great family outing. Thanks Cowtown Opera!

In case you can’t find family-friendly performances in your area, there are other ways of introducing your kids to opera and Classical music.

Check out the MET productions at Cineplex Odeon.  Occasionally, they have a production for families.

Here are some fun books and CDs to share with the kids.

Enjoy, and have some fun with culture!












  1. PragmaticMom says:

    What a great idea to make opera accessible to kids. If not, it’s a dying lost art! We have Opera to Go!, an opera presentation that is going to all our elementary schools as part of a district-wide Creative Arts and Sciences presentation. My school gets the performance tomorrow so I’ll be able to tell you how the kids reacted to opera. Last year we had drummers which the kids all loved. I’m hoping that this opera performance will be well received too.

  2. Meredith Taylor-Parry says:

    Thanks!! So excited about this! I cannot seem to share this on Facebook though.

    1. Ruth Spivak says:

      Thanks Meredith! I can't figure out the problem. FB does this with some of my posts. If anyone out there knows the answer, please do tell! Production of H and G is over, but there will be more cowtown shows. We'll go to the next one!

  3. educationdiva says:

    Hi Pragmatic Mom,
    Love the idea of the company visiting schools! Please tell me how your kids enjoyed the show. I wonder if Cowtown would do that here? Hmmm…

  4. Joni Nazzal says:

    The term “classical music” did not appear until the early 19th century, in an attempt to “canonize” the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Beethoven as a golden age. The earliest reference to “classical music” recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary is from about 1836.-

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