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How celebrities are getting kids to think reading is cool.

According to a study recently conducted in the UK, one of every five children would be embarrassed to be seen with a book.  For many kids reading isn’t cool, and it’s no wonder. Kids look at successful pop stars and professional athletes in the media, and they don’t exactly see a bookish image.  Reading a book is pretty much the last thing kids could imagine their celebrity role-models doing.

So, it’s great when celebrities show kids that reading is an important part of their lives. Taylor Swift recently told millions of students via webcast that reading made her the songwriter she is today.  She talked about her favourite books growing up, and how reading is still a huge part of her life.  I’ll bet that many young readers in hiding felt very empowered watching Taylor Swift that day.

Taylor isn’t the only celebrity to speak up about her love of reading. Storyline Online  has actors reading favourite stories to your kids. Scholastic launched RED (Read Every Day,) which features “Celebrity Bookprints”: Lists of kids’ books that made it to each celebrity’s top five. (Taylor Swift’s webcast was featured as part of RED.)

If your kids think reading is for nerds, or if you’re looking for some inspiring titles, I recommend you check out the what some celebrities are saying . Click on the links provided to watch with your kids.



  1. PragmaticMom says:

    Love that celebrities are helping to convince kids that reading is cool!

    1. educationdiva says:

      Me too. I think they can really make a difference.

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