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3 realistic resolutions to inspire more reading in the new year.

I am NOT going to resolve to declutter my house this year.  Instead, I’m going for three resolutions I know my family and I can keep.  None of the resolutions are inconvenient, expensive, nor demand changes in personalities.

Even though we are a family that reads, I feel like there’s always room to be more curious and excited when it comes to books. Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration and new ideas. My goal is simply to try 3 new ways of inspiring more reading in the new year.

So, here goes.  My three resolutions:

1- Listen to more audio books in the car.  We’re listening to “Ballet Shoes” by Noel Streatfield, dramatized with a full cast by the BBC. Originally, I had borrowed the book, thinking my kids would enjoy this novel about three orphan girls adopted by a fossil collector. They couldn’t get into the book. I tried the audio book version instead, and they can’t stop listening to it.  Now they’re interested in looking at the book too. Sometimes a well narrated audiobook really does help to inspire interest, and to bring a book to life. Not to mention, it makes car rides much quieter.

2- Borrow more non-fiction.  I sometimes forget reading doesn’t have to be fiction. I need to listen more carefully to whatever topics are sparking my kids’ interests at the moment, and encourage them toward those topics in the library. Even if it means books about race cars and pop stars.


3- Watch more films based on good books. We’ve watched some amazing movies that have inspired us to read those equally amazing books. I posted this very short list  a while ago, but I need to keep adding more movies. We recently watched “Matilda,” which made my daughter want to read the book all over again. Another favourite was “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Bonding over movies is a great way to inspire reading, and I’ll be keeping you posted with my new list of “must-see books.”

Here’s wishing you and your families a year of health, happiness, and books!

If you’re looking for more ways to inspire reading, you may want to check out “8 unusual strategies to get your child to love reading.”


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