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Cool math online

Every time the kids are on the computer I grit my teeth.  I know, it’s like the pot calling the kettle black.  It’s just that there’s so much garbage on the internet, and it seems that there’s no end to the amount of time the kids can waste on the most inane sites.  Even I have to admit, the internet isn’t all evil.  In fact, if one researches there are actually some quality sites for kids.  Just like pureeing broccoli into Koolaid, along comes COOLMATH to make learning math fun.  Don’t try pureeing broccoli into Koolaid, by the way.

The website www.coolmath4kids.com is an amusement park of  games packed with shapes, number skills, algebra, and more.  A favourite of my ten year old’s is “Coffee Shop,” in which one has to manage the business based on fluctuating supply and demand.  For the younger set, there are games for ages 3-5. My little one likes all games involving cars and bricks, and it has been good practice for his spatial reasoning.   “The Number Monster” provides drills in the four operations, but somehow it is more bearable for my kid to practice with a monster than with Mommy.

The bottom line:  If the kids are going to be sitting slack-jawed in front of the computer, they might as well be learning something while they’re at it.  The games on Coolmath are creative, fun, colourful, and educational.   Recommended:  Ages 3-11.

Try it out, and let us know what your kids thought!


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