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“Absolute Classics” absolutely divine for kids and adults. Don’t worry, no previous classical music experience required!

We often hear experts recommend introducing classical music into our lives to stimulate intellectual and artistic growth.  How does one get started, especially if one has little knowledge of classical music in the first place?  With so many recordings available, it can be overwhelming.  Where to begin without boring yourself and your children to tears?

“Absolute Classics: 500 years of hits” is a great place to start.  The CD box collection features hits from commercials, movies, and TV shows.  You may be surprised at how much classical music you thought you didn’t know!  The tracks are short, and showcase many of the big hits.  Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Spring?  It’s Chanel No. 19.  Tchaikowsky’s Nutcraker?  Hellman’s Mayonnaise!

A cute activity for you and the kids:  Think about what kind of commercial or show would go well with the music.  Now check:  How close did you come to the actual commercial or show?  This sort of thinking promotes active listening.  Whether you recognize the pieces by composer or by commercials hardly matters.  ”Absolute Classics” provides a fun platform from which to build your foundation in classical music appreciation.

NOTE ON THE CD COLLECTION: Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase.  It should be at your local library.  You’ll recognize the CDs by their quirky covers:  Vintage cars, toasters, lava lamps, Rubik’s cubes, etc.  Try it out and send me your comments!



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