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Awesome board games that educate and entertain.

We’ve all heard: “The family that plays together stays together.”  Our family is obsessive about board games, so I hope we’ll stay together a long time! Here is a photo of our games room:


We owe most of this collection to my husband, who is a regular on boardgame geek. Many games come from Europe, and more recently from  American companies.  Of course, as the education geek (or diva!) I always try to find an educational angle to the games.  Here’s a roundup of some of the best games to enrich your family’s education:


1- WORD ON THE STREET (REGULAR OR JR. VERSIONS).  Each player or team brainstorms a word to fit each category in the cards.  The more letters you use,  the further your letter tiles move to your side of the street.  You have to be quick and sharp, before your opponent steals the letters back to the other side of the street.

Skills: Spelling, problem solving. AGES: 10 and up; 8 and up (Jr. version.)

2- ICE CREAM PARTY. This is such a fun game for kids who are learning to read.  I have used it in my tutoring practice with great success.  Form words by matching scoops of ice cream.  Focus is on matching consonants and consonant blends to common endings.

Skills: Phonics, reading. AGES: K-GRADE 3

3- DIXIT. An absolute family favourite.  The deck of cards consists of beautiful and odd drawings.  Each player has six cards, unseen to the others.  The player who is the storyteller for the turn, secretly chooses one image from her hand and makes up a sentence to describe that card.  The other players must submit a card from their hand to the storyteller that best matches that sentence.  All cards submitted are then displayed, and players must vote for which card is the storyteller’s.

Skills: Creative writing, vocabulary building, lateral thinking. AGES: 8 and up.


1- CAMELOT JR. Comes with a little booklet of challenges ranging from beginner to master level.  Help the prince reach the princess by building staircases and paths using only the pieces shown in the challenge.  AGES: 4 and up.

Skills: Spatial reasoning, problem solving.

2- SET.  Card game.  It’s a race for players  to make the most sets of three.  Sets can be all the same, completely different, or similar in only specific characteristics.  My brain hurts after this one!  AGES:  7 and up.

Skills: Logic, spatial reasoning, problem solving, lateral thinking.

3- CAN’T STOP A game of dice, probability, and pressing your luck.  Roll the dice and add the numbers to advance up the chart.  Know when to stop, or you lose your gains.  AGES: 7 and up.

Skills: Addition, probability.

Spend a morning or evening in your jammies playing, and let me know how it goes. Which games does your family like to play?  Share your comments here!




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