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The “F” word in education: Flashcards. (Reposted by popular demand , because it was deleted in a mad frenzy of self-doubt!)

The “F” word in education: Flashcards REPOSTED! (By popular demand, because I deleted the post in a mad frenzy of self-doubt.) 

When I was a kid, my Dad would say, “Learning should be boring.” Suffer first  so you can enjoy and appreciate later.  I know that runs counter to almost every trend in education today, but I think he had a point.  Most teachers try not to drill  students, and kids have come to expect that learning should be entertaining.  I think the attempt to disguise piano scales and  multiplication tables in cute games actually ends up backfiring. Kids are not dumb, and they resent  condescension.

Scales and multiplication tables are BORING, BUT that needn’t be a bad thing.  There’s no better feeling than  reaping the benefits of music, reading, or math knowing that you have suffered a bit to get there. Every dancer, musician, mathematician, and actor appreciates the hours of practice and dedication she had to invest to enjoy her craft.  The feeling of achievement, of knowing that the path was not easy is part of the joy of learning.

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Flashcards have become a definite “no-no” for parents. Do not drill your kids,  lest you be labelled a “tiger mom!”  Even the word “drill” (when did that term come about?) sounds like a torture device. I confess:  I have used flashcards, and what’s more I like them! Personally,  I would never use them on a child under four, and never for more than about 15-20 min. at a time.  No need to tie the kids to a chair and drill them until their heads explode.

Flashcards have served me well for tutoring struggling readers, and for practicing multiplication tables.  Some flashcards have answers on the back, so kids can test themselves.  Yes, they can be used for a variety of games like “fish” and “memory” to reinforce skills. Flashcards are cheap, convenient, and can help pin point a specific area that requires practice.   Flashcards can be incorporated as a tool to aid in acquiring the skills necessary to get through the “boring” part of  the learning process.  Kids need those skills to move on and to appreciate the fun stuff.

Surely, flashcards don’t deserve the “F” word in education.What do you think? (Click on “comments above the post.)

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