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Finally! A simple solution to organizing and displaying kids’ art

I love that my kids enjoy creating art at home and at school, but “masterpieces” can quickly pile up all over the house. Who has the time to construct crafty frames and display corners?  Not only do I not have the time, I suffer from craft phobia.  A magnetic fridge could do the trick, but ours is not magnetic and anyway it does get rather cluttered.

I don’t want to discourage kids from creating art in the name of organization, so I was quite pleased when I came up with a simple solution to organizing and displaying kids’ art.  It’s so simple that not even a hammer and nail are required. It is low-key enough to fit in with the decor of any room.

All you need is a window, some suction hooks, a fishing line, and clothes pins. See below for the look and materials:

I chose to hang a display next to the art table, so kids could easily pin or remove art work as needed.

This is the suction cup  hook I used. I chose the small up to 5lb. pack, and they were very inexpensive.  They are available at most hardware stores.  Here’s a picture from Home Depot. Just press them onto the window.  No drill or hammer required!

I used a green-tinted fishing line, and stretched it between the two hooks by tying each end in a knot around each hook. I adjusted the hook a bit to make the line stretch even tighter.  The line is almost invisible and holds up to 12 lb.  Available at most Hardware stores.

I used some simple clothes pins to hang the pictures from the fishing line. I had a couple of flower-shaped ones that looked super cute, so I may have to pick up a few more of those.  We have a sun room with big windows, so I hung a couple of lines on one window.  I may add a few more line higher up.

My kids love that we have somewhere to display their works immediately, and that we can easily rotate pieces.  We will probably be putting a line up on their bedroom windows too.  It’s no problem to close the blinds or curtains without crumpling the works, since it stays pretty close to the window.

Hopefully this will keep some of the mountains of art at bay, at least for a little while! Here’s the final shot again: Can’t help it.  I never thought I would be writing a post on art and  organization.


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