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Creating a space for writing, reading, and art.

As my kids get older, I’m noticing all kinds of neat ways they are integrating writing, reading, and art.  Sometimes a great picture will inspire a piece of creative writing, or a favourite book will inspire an artistic creation.

Every so often I like to reorganize the kids’ space to keep things interesting for them and to inspire creativity. It’s usually a matter of reconfiguring what we already have, rather than dropping piles of money.

So, here it is: My kids’ writing/reading/art space.  It’s not Martha Stewart, and it’s not magazine material, but my kids like it.  The surprise? Putting reading, writing, and art supplies together has actually kept things tidier!

THE REVEAL! Real life messiness and all.

The larger bridge table is the perfect size to spread things out, and I don’t mind that it gets covered in paint and clay.  Chairs are cheap and easy to wipe. Note the bin of books on the table for convenience and inspiration.  We can rotate the books every so often.  A kids’ easel stands beside the table for painting.  All supplies are kept behind the table in plastic drawers. Again, cheap and easy to clean. I like to display the art on the big windows by the table.

I actually labelled the drawers!  I read about this in a designer magazine somewhere.  Of course, I was too lazy to make fancy cutsie labels, but these also work just fine.  I put any colouring books, activity books, and sketch books in a tupperware bin on top. As you will see, inside the drawers is not a pretty sight, but at least we know exactly where to find things.

See what I mean?  Not pretty.  I didn’t tidy up for the photo shoot, but markers are mostly together and tucked away in the drawer.

Inside the “craft supplies” and “stickers” drawer.  I put things in freezer bags to keep them grouped together.

A kids’ size bookcase a few steps from the table for easy access.  I have a few feet of space, so I’ve been thinking about adding some small bean bag chairs for reading.

I would also like to hang a “Think Board” in the room.  I came across this creative and nifty tool  on Think Magnet’s blog, and I can’t wait to try it.

A space for writing, reading, art, and a little mess?  It’s a good thing!


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