Professional educator, mother of three, reader, writer, amateur musician, lifelong learner.  My passion is finding and sharing great books, music, online learning, and educational activities. If you like to fuel your kids’ minds with quality resources, then this is the blog for you!

I’m also a regular “kiducation” blogger on Erica Ehm’s website, YummyMummyClub. 

Because learning never goes out of style.




  1. Celebrate Woman says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Would you like to be my guest blogger with a subject on How Reading Books to your kids really contributes to their formative years, their connection to their parents, and their self-esteem?
    Would love to have you on my blog with your point of view!
    Please email me with your questions.
    Thank you.

    1. educationdiva says:

      Hi “Celebrate Woman”,
      Of course I would love to be a guest blogger about one of my favourite topics! Please let me know the best way to get my post to you.

  2. Tina says:

    Dear Education Diva,

    I am reaching out to you with a friendly reminder about our recent invitation to participate in the new content syndication channel at a brand that coincides with your parenting blog.

    Our site is where parents can access information on kid’s activities, classes, events and programs in their community. We’ve looked at your blog and think you’ve done a really great job with your blog in covering topics like family activities and crafts that our readers would be interested in.
    The main benefits in participating include increased traffic, more backlinks (which are great for Google) and new readers to your site.

    If you’re interested or have more questions, please send an email to tinajin @atomicreach.com with “family activities and your URL” in the subject line and I’ll be happy to answer your questions or send you a link to activate your account right away.

    I look forward to you joining our community.

    Tina Jin
    Community Manager

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