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Relive your childhood: Disney’s Read-Along Adventures are back!

dineyland- records

Remember the days before DVDs and VHS players?  The only way to watch your favourite movie again was to go to the cinema. Or, you could follow along in a book as you listened to a reenactment from “Read Along Adventures.” Disneyland Records produced many well-loved classics, from The Love Bug to Star Wars to …

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Hollywood actors read stories to your kids while you…

Elijah Wood reads “Me and My Cat” to my son while I get dinner ready.   On the drive to school, Jason Alexander reads “Dad are you the Tooth Fairy.” Yup, I have CONNECTIONS!  Actually, no.  The truth is I discovered this fabulous website called, “Storyline Online,” a program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. …

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Your car is your “classroom.”


If you have kids and live in a North American suburb, chances are you spend a lot of time in your car. Oy, the agony of being stuck in rush hour traffic with three restless and squabbling children.  On the other hand, being “stuck” in the car has its advantages. Sometimes the best conversations about …

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READ TO ME! Audible.com lets you and your kids listen to books any time, anywhere.


Problem #1: You’re at the gym at the 15 minute mark on the elliptical, desperate for a distraction that will take away the tedium.  The magazine in front of you just isn’t cutting it, and what’s worse you’re getting blurry-eyed from trying to read while bobbing up and down. Problem #2:  You’re stuck in the …

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