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Harry Houdini died on Halloween, but his mystique lives. Relive the magic in these books: One for the kids, and one for you.


Harry Houdini continues to fascinate, 85 years after his death on Halloween.  Considered the greatest escape artist of all time, there was not a lock he could not unfasten.  He was bound up with chains and handcuffs and dropped into rivers and lakes, but he escaped every time. Houdini was the greatest performer of his …

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Fall into Reading 2011 Challenge


Because we all sometimes need a little challenge to keep us motivated and in top form, I really like the idea of a “Reading Challenge.” This one comes courtesy of Callapidder Days, and runs until Dec. 21st.  I missed the deadline to sign up in September, but no matter.  You can still sign up on [...]

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