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How to listen to Classical music without turning into a snob


Classical music has a really bad image. Despite its widely touted benefits on brain development, most people don’t give classical music a chance. What with its predominantly “greyer” audience and concerts with decorum, it’s no wonder Classical music is often associated with snobs. That’s a shame, because brain development aside,  a lot of this music …

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The Composer is Dead: Fantastic for all ages!


Who is Lemony Snicket, and how does he manage to write such clever books that are both educational and entertaining?  Perhaps best known for A Series of Unfortunate Events, Snicket’s writing is infused with imagination and humour. The Composer Is Dead is a short murder mystery, and all the suspects are musical instruments in [...]



“Absolute Classics” absolutely divine for kids and adults. Don’t worry, no previous classical music experience required!


We often hear experts recommend introducing classical music into our lives to stimulate intellectual and artistic growth.  How does one get started, especially if one has little knowledge of classical music in the first place?  With so many recordings available, it can be overwhelming.  Where to begin without boring yourself and your children to tears?
“Absolute [...]

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