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Worth the purchase? Mother-Tween book club’s verdict on Hugo Cabret


The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a thick hardcover book, and it cost me $27.95 CAD at the bookstore. Rarely do I fork out that much money on children’s books, especially one that consists of about 50% illustrations. My kids convinced me to take the plunge, because we’re on a “read the book, see the …

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Harry Houdini died on Halloween, but his mystique lives. Relive the magic in these books: One for the kids, and one for you.


Harry Houdini continues to fascinate, 85 years after his death on Halloween. ┬áConsidered the greatest escape artist of all time, there was not a lock he could not unfasten. ┬áHe was bound up with chains and handcuffs and dropped into rivers and lakes, but he escaped every time. Houdini was the greatest performer of his …

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