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4 awesome math resources to use when homework is a nightmare.


  Don’t let math homework bring you down! I’m back, and I have some great math resources for you to share with your kids. Whether you’re a math wiz or math-challenged, you CAN help your kids when they’re frustrated in math.  Check out these 4 resources I posted on Yummy Mummy Club.  Stay tuned for …

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If your child “can’t do math”: JUMP


For some kids, math just comes easy.  Throw any drill or problem at them, and they take on the challenge with vigour. For other kids, math is fraught with wrong answers and frustrations.  Those kids would rather be eating chopped liver than doing math. “Mom, I just can’t do math!,” claim  kids who often feel …

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Math education isn’t adding up

Math classes today certainly look very different from when I was a kid. For one thing,  students are out of their desks touching stuff.  They handle lego, blocks, and coins in various parts of the classroom, and work together in groups solving problems. When I was kid, we rarely got out of our desks, let alone touched anything in …

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