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“Comics are books,” and other lessons from kids on reading.


Reading doesn’t always go the way I pictured. Well, it does have a lot of pictures, but that’s not exactly how I imagined reading.   “Reading,” according to me,  means curling up with a good book and becoming immersed in its words.  My kids would beg to differ.  Problem is we don’t always agree on …

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That’s a good looking book! Top 5 kids books by authors who illustrate.


What would the Cat in the Hat be without its illustrations? What about Where the Wild Things Are?  Just try and separate the stories from the pictures.  It’s almost impossible.  Children’s authors and publishers search long and hard for the right illustrator to complement a book, because they know this pairing is critical to a …

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BRER RABBIT: The craftiest character you’ll ever meet appeals to all ages


Honestly, I thought my kids would think this book is “lame” and out of date, but it turned out to be a real find.  I grabbed it off the shelves at the public library, because I thought the illustration on the cover was gorgeous.  The illustrations indeed turned out to be wonderfully intricate and expressive …

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