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How celebrities are getting kids to think reading is cool.


According to a study recently conducted in the UK, one of every five children would be embarrassed to be seen with a book.  For many kids reading isn’t cool, and it’s no wonder. Kids look at successful pop stars and professional athletes in the media, and they don’t exactly see a bookish image.  Reading a …

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Picasso is a pig and Matisse is a bull: Your kids will love this book!


It’s not easy to find a book that is at once silly, clever, attractive, and educational. When Pigasso Met Mootisse paints Picasso as a diva pig, and Matisse as a feisty bull. At first, the two artist-animals are friends, but eventually jealousy leads to rivalry.  Pigasso doesn’t understand Mootisse’s “MOOsterpieces,” (haha) and Mootisse doesn’t get Pigasso’s …

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Hollywood actors read stories to your kids while you…

Elijah Wood reads “Me and My Cat” to my son while I get dinner ready.   On the drive to school, Jason Alexander reads “Dad are you the Tooth Fairy.” Yup, I have CONNECTIONS!  Actually, no.  The truth is I discovered this fabulous website called, “Storyline Online,” a program of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. …

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