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SpellTower word games are spellbinding. Resistance is futile.


First there was Boggle, which led the family on a frenzied search for words. Then, there was Tetris, possibly one of the most addictive puzzle games ever. Now there’s SpellTower: A word game that fuses elements of Boggle with Tetris. It’s a lethal combination, but if controlled, delivers a powerful force for kids’ brains. What …

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Love word games? You and the kids will flip out over “Letter Flip.”

I have an addiction to word games, so I get more than slightly excited when I find one for the family.  “Letter Flip” levels out the playing field between me and the kids, so my words are more difficult than theirs. Nobody gets bored, and everyone has a chance of winning. “Letter Flip” builds spelling …

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