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Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?

I don’t like talking to my kids about nutrition.  No matter how I explain healthy eating, the bottom line is they still want the sugary treat.  So,  I always appreciate when a third non-parental party endorses good nutrition for kids.  Children are more likely to listen to experts on nutrition who don’t nag them about putting away their toys.  Funny how that is.

Just in time for Nutrition Month in March, comes the launch of children’s book,  ”Is Your Hair Made of Donuts” by cookbook author and nutritionist Joy Feldman.  Matt and Maddie are tired of being the only “uncool” kids.

Matt and Maddie are ecstatic when their Mom gives in and lets them buy all those forbidden foods they’ve always wanted.  They choose mountains of “ooey gooey” donuts, and proceed to pig out on all their treats.  What seemed delicious in the moment, ends up turning into a nightmare. Never has the phrase “you are what you eat” taken on such literal meaning for these kids.

Zany and colourful  illustrations make this book very appealing to young readers.  I applaud Feldman’s efforts to educate children about nutrition in a light-hearted manner.   I was also pleased that Feldman raised the issue of other kids’ snacks,  because I have always found this to be a challenging topic.    My kids and I had a bit of a tough time with the book’s notion of “treats.”   The Mom explains, “There are good treats you can have…Baked apples, pumpkin seeds, even homemade yogourt with almond sprinkles on top.”  There is no room for the occasional chocolate bar or chips in this story.  Recipes for healthy treats are included at the end of the book.

“Is Your Hair Made of Donuts” is a worthwhile read for parents who wish to spur the “You are What You Eat” conversation with their kids.

Thank you to Marylenn McCombs for sending me the advanced copy for review.




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