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Four Educational gifts adults and kids will love

If you’re looking for a gift that is brainy and entertaining, here are  four  recommendations for a variety of ages that are sure to please.

WISE ALEC. I love Trivia games, but it’s difficult to find one that levels the playing field so everyone in the family can play. Wise Alec makes it easy to vary the trivia questions and point systems, so that everyone ages 8 and up can play without feeling overwhelmed or bored.  Categories include:  Spelling, Science, History, and  Wise Alec, which includes a mix of brain teasers.  Expansion kits are available, should you wish to increase the number and variety of questions.  Click here to read the manufacturer’s description and to read reviews.

DIXIT. A quirky, creative, interactive board game. An absolute family favourite. The deck of cards consists of beautiful and odd drawings.  Each player has six cards, unseen to the others.  The player who is the storyteller for the turn, secretly chooses one image from her hand and makes up a sentence to describe that card.  The other players must submit a card from their hand to the storyteller that best matches that sentence.  All cards submitted are then displayed, and players must vote for which card is the storyteller’s.  So much fun, and promotes creative writing, vocabulary, and lateral thinking. Ages 8 and up. Click here for more recommended board games.

THE LATKE WHO COULDN’T STOP SCREAMING:  A CHRISTMAS STORY.  AUTHOR: LEMONY SNICKET. Kids and adults will thank you for the funniest holiday book ever! Makes a great stocking stuffer, or a great accompaniment while eating latkes.  Click here to read my full review.

THE TEACHING  COMPANY. Courses taught by some of the best professors in their fields that you can purchase to download to your Ipod.  Video courses are also available.  This is the perfect gift for that special someone with an inquisitive mind. Choose from courses offered in science and math, history, fine arts and music,religion, philosophy, business, better living, and high school.  Believe me, someone will thank you for this gift!  Click here to read my post with more information.

Hope you have fun with these gifts!  Feel free to share your best educational gifts under “comments.”




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