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One product, infinite possibilities.

Looking for an inexpensive educational product that will appeal to a variety of ages? Looking for something that offers practice in math, reading, composition, and penmanship all in one place? How about a product that  is environmentally friendly, and can be used at home or on the go?  I have found it!  Don’t worry, it is not an expensive electronic.  In fact, it cost me a grand total of $12.99 CAD at Staples. Rarely do I blog about a product, but I am pretty excited about the Crayola Dry-Erase Learning Fun Centre. Here is truly a simple product that offers infinite learning possibilities for all ages.

As you can see, it consists of a dry-erase screen that comes with four dry-erase markers and an eraser.  Here’s where it gets interesting:

Any 8.5 X11 sheet slides under the screen ready for practice, learning, and fun.  The set comes with some sheets included:




You could easily print your own pages off a website, tear some from a workbook, or create your own.  From word games to writing practice, drawing, human body, sudoku, practice tests, geography, to calculus the only limitation is your imagination. The educational possibilities are infinite.  One sheet could be used over and over by many kids, so it’s also environmentally friendly.  No more wasted workbooks!

Children and adults with perfectionist leanings or who lack confidence will find this product particularly helpful. It’s so easy to wipe off a mistake, or to practice one skill again and again.  Teachers and students can use various colours to highlight and differentiate specific issues, which is great for visual learners.

Its working surface is hard enough so that it can be used virtually anywhere: On the road, in a doctor’s office, in any room of the house.   As posted earlier, we have started practicing cursive, and this will be just perfect for that purpose.  I can see countless creative possibilities with this product in our future, and can’t wait to try them out!

p.s. In case there was any doubt, I am not on Crayola’s pay roll!  Hahaha.  Just sharing a clever product I hope you will find useful.  :)


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