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A fun history game for your ipad: TIMELINE

Was the bra invented before or after the typewriter?  Was the corkscrew invented before or after the hourglass? Players must wrestle with these questions, as they take turns  placing their invention-medallions on a timeline.  The winner is the first player to correctly place all the medallions.

Not only is Timeline a light strategy game that works the memory, it’s also a fun way to broaden your sense of history and to learn about some of its pivotal inventions.  On an incorrect guess, the correct year will flash quickly before the medallion disappears and is replaced.  The closer one places two events the harder it is for the opponent to squeeze in a guess.

(This player  selected to place the phonograph between the saxophone and the supermarket  to make the range harder for the next player.)

Timeline’s real success lies  in arousing curiosity and knowledge about history. Kids and adults are often surprised by what they learn.  Who knew there were calculating machines as early as 1642 , or that the  ball point pen wasn’t invented until 1953? Lightbulbs on some of the medallions enable players to read very short blurbs about the invention.

My kids are much better at memorizing dates than I am, but I did have a slight advantage in my knowledge of the actual objects.  They weren’t sure what a “phonograph” was, and didn’t know that colour TV was once a novelty.  ”You mean it was black and white!?”  We sure take a lot for granted! It’s all part of the learning experience on Timeline. For the most part, the playing field is pretty level for adults and kids. Real keeners can get a head start by browsing through  Timeline’s ordered library of inventions.

Timeline is available in its original form as a card game, but the ipad app enables Solo play with or without a clock. You can feel good about passing your child the ipad while you’re in a waiting room! Up to four players can play, and there is no need to pass the ipad around.

Available on itunes for $2.99

Getting the family excited about history might just be a good reason to spend time on the ipad.

Happy Family Day to my Canadian readers, and Happy President’s Day to those South of the border.




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