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Picasso is a pig and Matisse is a bull: Your kids will love this book!


It’s not easy to find a book that is at once silly, clever, attractive, and educational. When Pigasso Met Mootisse paints Picasso as a diva pig, and Matisse as a feisty bull. At first, the two artist-animals are friends, but eventually jealousy leads to rivalry.  Pigasso doesn’t understand Mootisse’s “MOOsterpieces,” (haha) and Mootisse doesn’t get Pigasso’s …

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Get the craft outta here!


In almost every preschool, crafts are an important part of the daily learning activities.  We’ve come to expect that early childhood education necessarily includes cutting, pasting, and colouring to produce: Voila!  The four year-old’s masterpiece craft! Now, I have no doubt that crafts are a lot of fun for some kids.  I also understand that …

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